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About Seasonz International  

Seasonz International established in 1991 under the aegis of Aiman Traders, is a company with global presence for procurement, sales and
trade. All your agribusiness requirements, be it procurement and supply, of fresh fruits and vegetables, or your requirement for related
packaging material, Seasonz has it all.

Seasonz is one of the few companies, which provides highly professional, as well as personalized and ethical marketing assistance to growers as well as exporters. This aids the growers, to market their resultant high quality produce, around the globe.

Season’s forte is the pioneering in house expertise, which helps ensuring standardization of practices for growers, thereby enabling them to professionally compete in a global arena.

We have stringent quality norms and to enforce them we have Quality systems in place, we do this in our constant endeavor to improve
customer satisfaction with every consignment he receives.

Seasonz is the flagship company, which has diversified its business portfolio by creating Strategic Business Units which specialize in specific products and various arenas like:

  • Processed Organics
  • Fresh Organic and Domestic Supply
  •  Marketing & Technical Consultation
  •  Business development Consulting

Consultancy & Management

Our long partnership with farming gives us the knowledge and experience to understand the specialized needs of agribusiness. We provide
a broad range of services related to technical and commercial issues facing agribusiness. We have developed expertise in the following agricultural-related areas:

  • Provide customers and growers with consultations in agriculture process.
  • Comprehensively manage and supervise clients' farms.
  • Provide customers with experienced manpower.
  • Buy customers' crop production, which conform to European specifications and requirements.
  • We also consult on trade and commercials as well as forward and reverse factoring from India. 

Quality Assurance

We have several stepping stones to ensure that our Quality is always there right at the top.

Quality Analysis
Several types quality analysis and control are exercised and implemented to guarantee the healthiness and freshness of our products.

Physical Analysis:
In order to optimize customer satisfaction, our products are always tested for physical attributes like, Color, Odor, Taste, and Dimensions.

Microscopic analysis
We implement this analysis to ensure that our fruits are free of insects, or any foreign matter.

Microbiological Analysis
To guarantee the healthiness and purity of our products, a number of microbiological tests are applied.

Pesticide analysis
To ensure that there are no traces of unlisted pesticides on the crop, we employ pesticide analysis.  


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