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Flip Probe

The stainless steel probe’s micro diameter means less product damage while meeting the demanding HACCP requirements of the FDA.

Put a large LCD display into a durable ABS body and the FLIProbe is tough to beat!

Automatic shut off after 5 minutes assures you can expect lots of life from the CR2450 lithium battery.

This fast response needle point probe has the unique safety feature of folding into the handle. Flips out for testing, flips back for a safe fit in your pocket.

Flip Probe Facts

• Rugged stainless steel construction
• Probe is a mere .082” diameter
• 18% thinner point means less product damage
• Fast one second response time
• -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C) measurement range
• Factory Calibrated – No tampering
• N.I.S.T. traceable
• ISO 9002 MFG, Europe
• RoHS
• IP56 rated/waterproof



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